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Securitized Arts Contracts Use Agreement

  1. This is a legal agreement between you, the artist (Artist), and Securitized Arts (SA). By accepting, receiving, and using these model agreements (Contracts), you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, please click the "DO NOT ACCEPT" button below, and if applicable, promptly delete and/or destroy all copies of the downloaded contracts, modified or otherwise.

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  3. Artist acknowledges that the Contracts are model documents, still in the development stage, and that they are being supplied "as is," without any accompanying services or improvements from Securitized Arts.

  4. Artist agrees to use the Contracts solely for the sale and optioning of works of art and shall not distribute, link to, or transfer it to another location or to any other person without prior written permission from SA.

  5. Title and copyright to the Contracts and and any associated documentation shall at all times remain with SA, and Artist agrees to preserve same. Artist agrees not to make any copies except for its personal business use as a registered client of Securitized arts without prior written consent of SA. Artist agrees to leave or place the appropriate copyright notice on any such copies.

  6. Artist agrees to use the Contracts for commercial document drafting purposes only.


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You further acknowledge that Securitized Arts is not in the business of offering legal advice or opinions, and agree that you have only given them permission to administer the forms by formulaically filling in the variables you transmit to Securitized Arts in the website forms provided. If you use the form generated for as is use, you acknowledge that you have voluntarily waived your right to legal counsel regarding the form(s) and as to your specific situation, and hereby release Securitized Arts and from any damages resulting from such as is use.

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