Securitized Arts allows artists to attach lifetime repurchase agreements (or "Call Options"), to work they sell. This enables the artist (or other seller) to buy back the work for a suggested ten times the original sale price. If the value of the work increases greatly, the artist can repurchase and resell the work for a profit if desired, or pass it to selected heirs.

Our goal, in creating the art-backed option, was to combine the efficiencies of the internet with the infrastructure necessary to maintain the ultra-long-term relationships created. We feel our pioneering approach: 1), improves the income practicing artists receive for work produced in their lifetimes; 2), enables artists to participate meaningfully in the growing value of their work; and 3), helps to make art into a robust, attractive investment at all price levels by creating a liquid market.

Unlike agents, listing sites or galleries, Securitized Arts is unique in offering artists, institutions and their legacies, a way to participate in the increasing value of their art over time. And, while we only recommend buying art for its subjective, intrinsic value, patrons and investors alike will find Securitized Arts unique in offering a venture capital-style approach to the buying and selling of art -- an approach capable of enhancing value and creating sound opportunities for better-than-historical returns to those interested in the investment potential of art.

We invite you to browse this site as it develops, participate, and encourage you to get in touch.